The new photovoltaic plant will allow Lleal to be self-sufficient.

Granollers, 25 April 2022. Guided by our commitment to the environment, by mid-year, Lleal will have installed new photovoltaic panels that will make our facilities completely self-sufficient.

Specifically, 240 panels will be installed in addition to those already installed last July, which will generate 296 kWp of clean energy. In environmental terms, thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed almost a year ago, we have managed to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by almost 45 tonnes, which is equivalent to 61 new trees planted. It is estimated that with the new installation we will be able to reduce CO2 emissions by around 130 tonnes.

Gráfico del consumo de energía de Lleal: abastecimiento de red y de planta fotovoltaica actual

Graphic of Lleal’s energy consumption: supply from the grid and from the current photovoltaic plant.

The new solar panels will be installed on carport located along the main parking lot, where a charging station for electric vehicles will also be incorporated. This charging station will allow us to supply both our fleet of cars, which are now mostly hybrids, as well as those of our employees and customers.

With this and other actions, Lleal is working to reduce waste generation, minimising the environmental impact of its production system as much as possible.

With you, investing for a better future.