ICO-MAR KV valves are designed for numerous applications in which optimum performance is guaranteed.

The chemical and petrochemical industries (sulphuric and nitric solutions, petrol, diesel, etc.). The food industry (milk, wine, beer, etc.). Water provision and treatment. Desalinization of sea water (sea water, fresh water, vacuum circuit, etc.).

The profile design of the butterfly and the pipe shaft rotation ensure a minimum perturbance while fluid passage is taking place, thus achieving a high reduction of pressure loss.

Butterfly valve (PDF)


Widely used in chemical and petrochemical industries, power stations, building – heating, cooling, piping – paper industry, food industry, textile industry, mineral oil and gas industry. Recommended for the following installations:

Heating and air-conditioning health installations. Heating systems. Cooling systems. Water, steam and condensed installations. Heat – conveying oils (thermofluids). Production and processing installations. Liquefied gas installations. Natural gas installations.

Check valves (PDF)