PEN-2000 packaging machine has been designed to directly fill containers or drums already placed on a pallet, without having to be moved and with the intervention of one single operator.

PEN-2000 allows the dosage of liquid or paste products of medium or high viscosity. The control of the filling volume is carried out by means of a weighing platform.

We have two different systems of nozzle transfer:

• The cartesian system that allows the automatic positioning of the filling nozzle in an X-Y plane, due to it has two columns that support a horizontal movement guide on which a second perpendicular movement guide carries the nozzle. The displacement of both guides is driven pneumatically.

• The radial system that allows the positioning of the nozzle in a semi-automatic way due to it has a guide with a single support of pendular movement at 240º manually. On this guide, a second one guide of perpendicular and pneumatic movement slides, which carries the nozzle.

Depending on the product features, 3 different types of nozzles can be installed: for foamy products, for liquid or viscous products that do not generate foam and for highly viscous products.