The stand agitators are dispersion units prepared for mounting on different supports depending on the location required for the process: it can be fixed to a wall, column or floor or have a mobile support.

They are designed to effectively resolve mixing, dissolution, dispersion and homogenisation operations, depending on the type of turbine that is installed. Depending on the process, it can be installed high shear cowles discs, marine propellers, rotor/stator heads, axial, radial, folding blade axial, etc.

Three series are available: the AGL series, with a light support for wall installation and designed for the preparation of small batches of 25 to 300 L; the AGM series, with a more robust support for anchoring on wall and floor and designed for batches of 250 to 700 L depending on the product and viscosity; and the ACM series, installed on mobile supports (dimensions according to need) with wheels and handle to move the agitator.

The agitator head can be raised up manually by means of a counterweight that facilitates movement or automatically by means of a pneumatic cylinder or a geared motor.