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Lleal wishes you a nice summer

Lleal faithful to its appointment with Expoquimia

In September, Expoquimia returns to Barcelona

Granollers, 16 July 2021. Faithful to its appointment with Expoquimia, Lleal will take part in the 19th edition of this exhibition, which is a benchmark platform for

Lleal, deep into the construction of a plant for the manufacture and packaging of highly viscous products

Granollers, 2 June 2021. Lleal has just signed a contract with a major Spanish company in the chemical sector for the manufacture of an installation designed for the mixing and packaging of

Lleal manufactures the first Planetary ready to install on OEB4 isolator

Granollers, April 23, 2021. Lleal manufactures the first Planetary mixer ready to install on an OEB4 isolator. The equipment, manufactured on a pilot scale, will be used for the manufacture of highly potent

Lleal completes the commissioning of three MMS-1500 micronising mills

Granollers, 17 de marzo de 2021.Granollers, March 17, 2021. Lleal is working on the start-up of three MMS-1500 micronising mills, recently delivered: one to a national company in the animal feed sector and

Lleal launches a new version of its website in Russian

Granollers, January 21, 2021. In accordance with our internationalisation plan and in response to the increase in traffic to our website from Eastern European enterprises, Lleal’s website has now been translated into Russian.

To a prosperous 2021

We conclude a year that has been difficult for everyone. The pandemic has challenged us as a society and as individuals however, with responsibility, effort and commitment from all of us we will

New TRI-AGI 2000 mixer for sauce production

Granollers, November 20, 2020.A new compact version counter-rotating mixer model TRI-AGI 2000 was delivered at the beginning of November for an important food company that is located in North Africa. This equipment is

Lleal delivers a new MIR Reactor for the chemical industry

Granollers, October 19, 2020. Lleal successfully completes the manufacture of a new MIR RMIR-1200-TAI MIR Reactor, sold to a national enterprise leader in the chemical sector. This reactor has been specially designed

New line of Lleal compacter

Granollers, September 14, 2020. Lleal presents its new line of compacters, which complements its range of equipment for the pharmaceutical sector.

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