Granollers, 6th March 2018. Lleal has managed to reduce their accident rate considerably during the year of 2017, registering only 3 minor work accidents throughout the whole of the year. This situates the company at an index rate of 1.59 (indicator 1 of accident rate), when the general average is at 13.13, with the consequential possibility to obtain a reduction in the professional contingencies quotas.

A number of indicators are used to calculate the accident rate in a company, and Lleal has managed to reduce statistics in all of them, however one of most important is the duration index which indicates the seriousness of the accidents produced. Over the past year Lleal brought this index down to 9 (average days sick leave per accident), whilst the average in the sector is 27 days.

The work accident rate represents the most visible part of the harm to the workers health, with respect to the culture of workplace health and safety hazards prevention, and Lleal has over the past 4 years reinforced their preventive activity in order to guarantee safety for their workers. The main actions are focused on two points in particular: to promote transversal communication and collaboration between the company and its workers by means of exhaustive joint analysis of particular accidents, guides for preventive action and creation of work procedures for those jobs considered critical: working at height, in confined spaces, handling cutting tools, etc. In this respect work is being done constantly to make the workers aware of the need to take all the measures available to them in order to avoid possible accidents.

The other main line of action has been to evaluate and improve the safety equipment of the workers in order to increase efficiency as well as adapt or renew the working equipment to adapt them to the current health and safety regulations.

We will continue working in this line in order to protect the health and safety of our workers, as they are one of main assets.