The Production Department carries out development of the projects and designs created in the Technical Office with high precision, using the most advanced technologies.

The workshop features a metalworking section, where the main function is the construction of machine tanks/bodies and metal supporting structures. The high qualifications and professional experience of our technicians in metalworking allow us to ensure the quality required for these kinds of constructions. Amongst the machines installed are metal plate cutting machines, curving presses for bottom plates and sheeting die cutting machines, benders and shapers, welding machines, etc.

In the machining workshop the different operations required for transformation of the characteristics of the raw material coming from metalworking are carried out. The machines include mandrels, lathes, milling machines, drills, etc. and the operators are totally skilled and specialized in handling these machines.

Our operators are qualified for the production of small plants up to large scale installations, as well as the manufacture of specific pumps and valves for the chemical industry. We produce flexible equipment for the processing industry, designing and constructing both machines and complete plants, for investigation or industrial production, adapting to the needs and requirements of each customer.

The electrical department is formed by highly qualified specialists, as the programming and automation for an optimum operation of the machines depends on them.

When the production phase is completed, our quality control department gives approval and the shipping department takes care of a perfect packing for shipping.