Granollers, 12th April 2018. In their commitment for quality, Lleal evaluates every year the degree of satisfaction expressed by their customers with the equipment and services supplied; once more Lleal reaches an average of 8,9 of general satisfaction, exceeding slightly the previous score reached in 2016, which was 8,3.

Commercial attention and after-sales service, the best rated

There are various indicators that allow us to determine the degree of approval and satisfaction of the customers with the services supplied by the company (quality/price ratio, delivery times, after-sales time of response, …) and in all of these Lleal has been awarded above 8. Nevertheless, customers continue valuing above all other aspects the commercial attention and the coordination work on projects which are covered not only by the technical department but also by our test laboratories. In fact over recent years Lleal has committed themselves to enlarging their laboratory installations, thereby increasing their adaptability to the needs of each process and each customer.

Another of the best marked points year after year is the after-sales service, not only for its immediate response to breakdowns or supply of spare parts, but also providing solutions for equipment not manufactured by Lleal.