Air operated

The pneumatic diaphragm pumps DEPA are an essential reference for positive displacement pumps offering swift efficient and specific solutions to customers in many different fields. These pumps prove their reliability and efficiency in tough conditions and in all types of applications. The demand for quality in the different industries, as well as efficient operation and easy maintenance, are the main concern in the manufacture of these pumps. The latest generation in methods of manufacture, inspection and quality assurance testing, together with documented process sequences in accordance with DIN EN ISO 29001, ensure the high quality of the DEPA pumps.

Air operated diaphragm pump (PDF)


The SALOMON positive displacement pumps are designed to convey products from light liquids to highly viscous pastes, including solids in suspension.

Pumping elements

Pumping is produced as a result of the rotor and the stator. The rotor is a helical screw, highly inclined and eccentric, suitable for each pump size, and which rotates inside the stator. The outlet flow rate is practically uniform without pulsations and fluids of any viscosity can be pumped without turbulences or agitation.

Helicoidal pumps (PDF)