We are manufacturers of machinery and installations destined to the processing industry.  Day by day we work in the development of our skills with the aim to increase our value in the industrial fields in which we intervene.

In Lleal, we are highly committed to the quality of our products and services. For this purpose we are able to offer the ISO 9001 norm certifications. Additionally, our environmental awareness forms part of the company policy, for which we can offer the ISO 14001 certification, in recognition of our commitment with respect to environmental protection.

These certifications that the company possesses guarantee the compliance of worldwide standards in the manufacture of pressure vessels and equipment with risk of explosion. We also manufacture machinery destined to the pharmaceutical industry in compliance with the regulations established by the FDA. Furthermore we dispose of ATEX and CE certifications, which means that our machines comply with all the current safety norms for risk prevention according to labour legislations.

Without any doubt, Lleal is currently a renowned trade mark around the world. For this reason it is not a coincidence that a thousand year old olive tree presides our premises as a symbol of tradition, solidity and projects for the future.


In Lleal, we strive to maintain our leadership, both nationally and internationally, for the optimization of the processes destined to the different sectors of the processing industry.

One of our principle aims is to continue representing a reference for quality and commitment. In this respect, our know-how is based on a close and continuous relationship with our customers, from the very start of each project. As a result our raison d’être enables us to adapt ourselves to our customer’s requirements, creating customized equipment with maximum precision.

Although Lleal is present in practically every country around the world, one of our main aspirations is to reach maximum international coverage. Our constant presence in the national and international industrial networks allows us to focus on our process of expansion with serenity and coherence.

From the start of our industrial activities, Lleal has lived through the industrialization process in Spain, as well as its economic cycles. Due to our wide trajectory, we have always managed to convert the threats of circumstances into opportunities for us to succeed in becoming more competitive.

In the same manner, the industrial sectors that we move in are subject to constant changes, both due to the demands of the markets or to scientific and technological advances that are constantly taking place. Consequently we allocate resources to the optimization of our productive capacity, both in the design phase and in the industrial manufacturing phase.


– Tradition, solidity and vision of the future.

– Experience and innovation at the service of the processing industry.

– Maximum precision in the use of the most advanced technologies.

– Capacity for adaptation to the different markets.

– Maximum cooperation with our customers and partners.

– Investigation and development in the quality of our products and services.

– Commitment to protection of the environment.