Sustainability, Innovation and Competitiveness: The Industrial Sector aims

Granollers, 11 May 2022. “We must confront and support industry and its innovation and restructuring process”, these were the words with which Rosa Maria Lleal opened the debate forum about “Industry as a lever for recovery”, held on 5 May as part of the “Economy Circle” conferences.

This round table, moderated by Lleal’s CEO, was attended by representatives of the three main blocks of our business fabric: big corporations, represented by the President of Gestamp, Francisco Riberas; small and medium-sized enterprise, represented by Antonio Cañete, President of Pimec; and public-private initiatives, represented by the special delegate of the Zona Franca Consortium, Pere Navarro.

Participantes de la mesa redonda. Fuente Viaempresa

Speakers of the round table. Source Viaempresa

During the debate forum, the speakers agreed on the need for the industrial sector to lead the current and future economic model, given that it is the sector that generates the most stable jobs, where training is essential. They also emphasised that the objective of industry must be digitalisation, constant innovation and the promotion of sustainability, implementing a fiscal policy in Europe that demands the same reduction of emissions from imported products as is demanded from local products.

With you, we are committed to the industrial sector.