Morphologi 4 now available in our lab

Granollers, 10th March 2022. Since the beginning of the year, Lleal has been equipped with modern instrumentation equipment, the Morphologi 4 optical particle analyser, which will allow us to provide completely accurate information about the composition of a product in all the tests we do with our customers.

Currently there are few laboratories that have this advanced instrumentation equipment and Lleal is one of them.

Unlike traditional particle analysers, the Morphologi 4 makes it possible to take pictures of the individual particles that make up a product and obtain morphological images, as well as all the laser scattering parameters: particle size, distribution…

This technique is becoming an essential technology for laboratory work as it provides automatic, fast and specific information on components, optimizes material properties and generates confidence during the development stages of the manufacturing formula.

From now on, thanks to this equipment, we will be able to provide an analysis of results in all the tests we carry out with our equipment, quickly and without depending on external laboratories.

Lleal has extensive laboratories, which are always at your disposal. Every year we invest to equip them with the cutting-edge instrumentation, and we renew our own equipment to provide you with personalised and precise attention.

With you, at the forefront of technology and instrumentation.