Granollers, September 14, 2020. Lleal presents its new line of compacters, which complements its range of equipment for the pharmaceutical sector.

Tablets are one of the most common galenic forms in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the difficulties in handling very low-density powders, which incorporate an excessive amount of air, the current trend is to compact them by increasing their apparent density and converting them into a granulate.

The compression process is very sensitive to the shape, composition and size of the powder mixture to be processed. The lack of homogeneity of the powder product can cause tablets that are not very resistant or even broken, so it is necessary to compact and granulate said mixture.

Lleal has designed an ideal compacter to obtain a resistant granule from a mixture of powdered solids. The compression of the powder product is carried out by means of rollers with convergent movement and which can be smooth or grooved.

While the granulate is obtained through a triple system composed of a propeller, blade and a continuously rotating rotor that forces the product to pass through a sieve, matching the final size of the particles to the required granulometry.

In other industrial sectors (chemical, detergency…) the compactor can be used to densify powdered product and obtain briquettes. Briquettes are compacted forms of powders that take the shape of moulds carved into the rollers of the compactor.

To make briquettes with a compacting machine, instead of smooth or grooved rollers, they are replaced by ones where the moulds have been carved into the shapes that are require briquetting, with the sole limitation that said geometry allows the extraction of the briquette.

The geometric sheet obtained then passes through a cylindrical sieve where the briquettes are detached.

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