Dear customers and collaborators,

Taking into account the global situation of covid19 and following the recommendations suggested by the Health Ministry and the Government of Spain, at LLEAL S.A.U we have adopted different measures to protect the health of our employees, clients and collaborators.

For this reason, while the exceptional situations of the Alarm State lasts, all visits by clients and suppliers to our facilities are postponed until the situation in the territory is safe for everyone.

Likewise, our services will be limited in our clients’ companies, except those that are ESSENTIAL in food and pharmaceutical companies.

We also inform you that to facilitate the family reconciliation of our employees, from tomorrow until further notice, our hours will be from 7:00 to 15:00.

At LLEAL S.A.U we continue working on all the activities and projects in progress, keeping the objectives and our commitment to quality and service.

Given the uncertainty of this new situation, we will keep direct contact with all our collaborators, suppliers and clients, with total transparency to communicate any other measure that we have to adopt.

We hope that, with everyone’s effort, we can minimize the effects of this situation, strengthening our social, functional and productive structures.

Let’s turn this situation into a improvement opportunity.