Granollers, October 19th, 2018. Tablets are one of the most common galenic forms in the pharmaceutical industry. The tableting process is very sensitive to the shape, composition and size of the powder mix to be compressed. The lack of homogeneity in the mix can result in not resistant tablets (high friability) or even broken tablets, so then it is necessary to granulate the mixture before pressing.

Lleal presents inside the pharmaceutical line, a new tablet press that allows, in dry form, to granulate powder mixtures. The process consists in compressing the mixture with a pair of rolls, driven by a hydraulic system, to produce a layer of material that is afterwards fragmented through a rotor against a sieve obtaining finally a granule with the desired size.

The tablet press is a highly versatile equipment that can also be used in other applications such as operators safety (reducing dust atmospheres with toxic or potentially explosive products) rheology (improving powder handling) increasing product shelf life (avoiding lump formation in hygroscopic products) or storage space optimization (increasing the density of the mixture).

Launching this new tablet press, Lleal integrates another basic powder process required by the pharmaceutical industry.