Granollers, 12 December 2017. Since the middle of November, Lleal S.A. has its 5th smart warehouse, equipped with 10 m². This new space is exclusively dedicated to the automatic management of all the components required for each manufacturing order, in an individually way. Which will make it possible to speed up and, above all, reduce the assembly times of our equipment and installations. Each of the pieces, regardless of size, is stored by order of manufacture in a tray system, once the verification tests have been carried out and until the moment of the assembly. The system also allows you to enter all the information of each piece: date of entry, quantity, origin, etc. as well as having control of both the stocks and the remaining pieces and dispose of the whole set at once, through a software, specifically designed for Lleal.

Smart Warehouse

During these last years, Lleal has incorporated robotic storage systems into its facilities. The first ones were destined to the control and management of the spare parts of the after sales department as well as to the parts for the sale section of pumps, valves and filters. With these stores, Lleal has reached improve significantly the response time in any repair, as well as the replacement of consumables, both critical points for any company that works 365 days a year without interruption.

In addition, smart warehouses are being an ideal tool to adjust manufacturing planning, minimizing the delays in the execution times of each department.