Granollers, 22 January 2018. Lleal S.A. closes 2017 business year with a very positive assessment as for the turnover and for its innovation parameters, as well. It has experienced an important increase in its sales and is plenty focused on the launch of new products to the market.

In 2017, Lleal managed to increase its sales figures more than 21%, closing important projects also inside the national market as abroad, though certainly, the internationalization of the company is already a totally consolidated fact, due to the export represents more than 43% of Lleal commercial activity.

The after-sales service has been also strengthen in view of its goods results with a rate of growth, during the last 5 years, around of 8%.

Referring to R+D projects, over 2017 the company has been focused in the research and development of new products inside its range of dried and filtered that will be launched to the market in the course of 2018, an in addition, Lleal also has implemented improvements in other equipment that we manufacture for years.

For 2018, Lleal counts on keeping its goods results, investing its efforts in innovations work and giving a personalize attention to our customers.

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